About GB Cooker Spares 2012 Ltd

GB Cookers

When an old Aga cooker comes to GB Cookers for renovation, it often looks run down, chipped and worn from everyday wear and tear from the previous owners. We strip it down and thoroughly remove all the grime and grease by sandblasting/shotblasting all the internal components. All parts are then inspected and either repaired or if required replaced for new. Genuine Aga parts including brand new controls and burners are used often used.

Aga cast iron ranges are iconic things of beauty. They are the centre of attention in any kitchen as you may already know. GB Cooker Spares have a passion in taking an old tired looking Aga and making it look and feel like new again. The result of an Aga that has been refurbished by GB Cooker Spares is second to none. Our importance is not just to supply our customers with cookers but to give them an unbeatable customer service which is available 24-7.